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a ghost that haunts the night 


audiovisual performance

live at IKLECTIK, 21 Nov. 2023

during Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The work’s narrative unravels and reconfigures the notions of self and cross-dimensional perception, as its main character (the Sun) enters our scope of being in a manner similar to when we (humans) enter virtual reality.

Alter egos, avatars and meta-selves permeate a genuine multiverse of digital space; endlessly self-translating and self-transmuting between realms and modes of existence. The monologue of this short film untethers the anthropomorphic entity from the confines of matter, focusing instead on the multidimensional mind (awareness) whose reach transcends the limits of space and time. The words flow as a visceral undercurrent in anchoring the abstracted visual narrative, thus amplifying the virtual resonance between the ‘identity’, and the ‘manifestation’.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall is an immersive exhibition which invites you to explore the intricate layers of the Metaverse and the concept of Self-Identity through a vibrant array of performances. The exhibition is presented by the IED Graduate Collective Devanshi Rungta, Jeanyoon Choi, and Alexandra Topaz, and generously supported by the Art Council Korea.

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© Sara Christova, 2024

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