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Blue Screen Shinigami

sea stone, disused wire, el. tape, light box, acetate print, frosted acrylic


Blue Screen Shinigami (Blue Screen of Death God) is the flagship piece from a series of sculptural works which consider the "blue screen of death" as a contemporary grim reaper. This exploration includes the interweaving of technical elements with natural objects (such as an ammonite bearing seastone), as a nod to the evolution of ancient spiritual concepts to contemporary virtual formats.

conception_terminal   (2024)   steel sheet, cable ties, acetate prints, acrylic paint, 50x50cm

process_initialization_failure   (2024)   steel panel, cable ties, acetate prints,  50x43cm

installation view at  Everything Must Go!,  Cookhouse Gallery,  8 February 2024


© Sara Christova, 2024

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