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mimicry (charcoal pixels on projected threadcount)


projection and charcoal on canvas (100x80cm)

chromatic tension, mutable values (2023) is a collection of experimental works, in which photography, painting, drawing, projection, and video are used to contemplate the tension and balance between overexposure and underexposure.

How is it that we map what is beyond the visible via the visible spectrum?

The beginning of this project observes camera apparatuses as de facto black boxes — inanimate manual shamans, deliverers of arbitrary visual transcriptions, in this case the image of the sun and its reflection. The project deliberately focuses on popular devices (iPhone camera, Polaroid, Fuji Instax) as collective agreements on technoaesthetic parameters for the apprehension of visual reality. For example, the Fuji sun appears black with a cyan-green halo while the Polaroid sun is a semi-blurred cream white, showing two opposing visions of equal verity - a fuji truth and a polaroid truth.

What does it mean to observe one and not the other?

What does it mean to observe both simultaneously?

In the assumption that “truth” based on vision isn’t concrete, then how elastic is it?

Is the possible representation of a composite “truth” an alteration of reality or its protean simulacrum? 

When opposing values of light are pushed together they reach the same level plane — a flat, depthless greyness, in which foreground (subject) and background (context) exist in a liminal moment of absolute equivalence. The eye searches for value in a provisional space where there is none, as the borders between extremes become a playground for complementary chromatic flares.


Choosing what remains when the eye is blinded.
Seeing through the void before it readjusts.
Charcoal traces on canvas - pixel burns - optic scarring.

Mosaic standstill, photonic fragments in succession,

“totally present only when it has disappeared into darkness at The End.

Like a symphony.” 

selected sketchbook pages (25x25cm)


mixed media


mimicry (charcoal pixels on projected threadcount), details


projection and charcoal on canvas (100x80cm)

four mystifications of overexposure


acrylic on canvas, 20x20cm each




mccaw (after Chris McCaw)




iphone exaggeration

shaping shadows, lining light (2023) video still

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at

© Sara Christova, 2024

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