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The Sphinx

acrylic on raw canvas, wire

approx. 40x40x60cm 


Unfolding is a series of painting objects centred around the reconfiguration of a 2D painting into a 3D object. While de- and reconstruction play an important part, this project's main focus lies in the exploration of approaches to expanded painting and how adhocism can inform the creative process. 

Included are three distinct works, The Sphinx, The Girl and AshesThe core elements of the original paintings echo in the resulting painting objects, and their new forms suggest the existence of a larger narrative, tracing the subjects through both space and time. 

The Girl 

acrylic on raw canvas, wire

approx. 35x35x20cm 


acrylic on raw canvas

H: 25cm & 20cm


(composite photography)

© Sara Christova, 2024

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