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The Girl

painting object

acrylic on raw canvas, wire, hook, string

approx. 30x25x20cm 


painting objects

acrylic on raw canvas, wire

various dimensions

Unfolding is a series of painting objects centred around the reconfiguration of a 2D painting into a 3D object. While de- and reconstruction play an important part, this project's main focus lies in the exploration of approaches to expanded painting and how adhocism can inform the creative process. 

Included are three distinct works, The Sphinx, The Girl and Ashes, each of which introduces a unique perspective to the unfolding of the overall methodology, both technically and conceptually . 

The painting objects were made using watered-down acrylic on unprimed cotton canvas. They were then cut apart and lined with wire before the final stage of manual reshaping. Embracing material characteristics and diving into practical research, it was through the process of making that the meanings behind these pieces gradually began to emerge. The core elements of the original paintings echo in the resulting painting objects, and their new forms suggest the existence of a larger narrative, tracing the subjects through both space and time. 

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