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styrofoam, wood

This is a site specific installation made for LATES: SPACE, at Cardiff National Museum, July 2019. Curated in collaboration with Tactile Bosch and Blue Honey and in partnership with FOR Cardiff this event that blurs the lines between museums, art, club culture & learning. 
For millennia, the cosmos has been the inspiration of artists, astronomers and visionaries. Throughout history, artists have contemplated and reflected on the human condition. And what greater contemplation is there than our existence on this singular planet, amidst an ever-expanding celestial unknown.This ambitious large scale event sets out to transform the museum's vast space and hidden caverns into an immersive, galactic dreamscape. Nestled among international DJs, video, performance, live music, dance, participatory art, and theatre will be 'stars' of the museum's own extra-terrestrial collections.

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