My paintings explore themes of introspection and observation through visual examination of dreaming and memory. By deliberately or subconsciously analysing my environment and then deconstructing my experience, I create compositions built upon the echo of the visible. My recent pieces bounce between fauvist episodes, modernist scenes, increasingly surreal elements, hyperbole and allegory, where the most common denominator is reflection. 

Through colour, theme, material or subject, this sense of balance inconspicuously permeates all my works. My latest projects use allegorical and representational elements to illustrate a sense of sinister urgency, a wild, imminent and tangible danger that is intentionally subdued by soft pastel tones and falsely welcoming figures, an altogether blissful deflection into a semi-surreal scene with dark undertones. Arguably in a wider sense these projects ultimately address heavy globalistic anxiety and vaguely political unrest; the idea of avoiding the weight of real issues by keeping ourselves delightfully entertained with endless triviality.  Whether landscape, portraiture or still life, my compositions are built upon the subjective echo of this absurd reality we call life. 

Sara Christova, 2021