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Stillness in Motion, 2019

Exhibition view, Blue Honey Night Cafe, Cardiff, 2019



Calmness, solitude and silence are scarce. Stillness is a commodity in the frantic 21st century world of today. It is difficult to notice those moments that make one feel the presence of one's own being - even more so to hold on to that awareness when the feeling resides, overtaken by the tide of external influence. When do we ever distance ourselves and become the observer, taking a step back and seeing what is in front of or around us instead of indulging ourselves into a constant, monotone life.

Stillness in Motion is a collection of work that focuses precisely on this process of observation. In a fast moving culture, we as humans tend to overlook moments of stillness, silence and awareness of the self; rarely looking inward.

The short-lived nature of such moments play with a sense of irony, time and communication through the quick sketches and unfinished drawings shown in this exhibition. A direct connection is made between the works and the space that is famous for its constant flux of people, the bustling, dynamic atmosphere and where the door is always open to the conversation between and the reconciliation of two extremes:

The self-awareness of the individual and the hive-mind of the crowd.

The quietness of observation and the cacophony of circumstance;

stillness and motion.

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